What’s Trending in Fashion Necklaces?

Enter any fashion jewelry marketplace or outlet and you will be bedazzled by the wide variety of options available for you to accessorize yourself. One of the very important of these fashion accessories is a fashion necklace. The trend of complementing your attire with a fashion necklace has been in vogue for a long time now and does not seem to be leaving the fashion ramp anytime soon. Then what are you waiting for? Gear up to know what’s trending in the world of fashion necklaces and be the centre of admiration in any gathering, party, event or just a day out! (more…)

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Top Ten Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Winter brings us the opportunity to stay lazy, cozying up with warm sheaths and hot coffee. Just because it’s winter, it does not mean that one stay be boring in their styling and outfits. One can easily make a dull winter as an exciting with an abloom colourful with vibrant woolens and stylish layers. Below are top five wardrobe essentials for winter, to stay warm and stylish during freezy days.

  1. Get inside a Beanie
    Yes, beanie is the best friend when cold freezing winds blowing during winter season. Recently we have seen beanies in lot many vibrant shades like pink, orange and all. Pick the best shade for yourself and shine in the winter beanie.


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