What’s Trending in Fashion Necklaces?

Enter any fashion jewelry marketplace or outlet and you will be bedazzled by the wide variety of options available for you to accessorize yourself. One of the very important of these fashion accessories is a fashion necklace. The trend of complementing your attire with a fashion necklace has been in vogue for a long time now and does not seem to be leaving the fashion ramp anytime soon. Then what are you waiting for? Gear up to know what’s trending in the world of fashion necklaces and be the centre of admiration in any gathering, party, event or just a day out! (more…)

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Stay Fashionable with Online Coupon Shopping

Staying in fashion can be expensive especially when most of the brands cost more and shopping branded clothing can impact your budget ruining your family plans. While coupon shopping is not the first thing on our mind when we go shopping for clothes that can make us feel fashionable it can help us in many different ways and ensure that we look stylish even during the tough economic times. Coupon shopping is easy and works well for those who are into fashion because it can help them get the best clothes at discounted rates that most stores do not offer.


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The Beauty Staples Celebs Can’t do Without

The coveted flawless and glamorous celebrity looks are not without help. Hollywood’s most alluring stars swear by a few beauty staples, so much that they would not leave their homes without them.


The timeless beauty J. Lo is as famous for her flawless skin as she is for her fiery on-stage performance. Lopez looks stunning even without make-up. The secret to her fresh and dewy look is the L’oréal’s Age Perfect Renewal Day Lotion along with RevitaLift Moisture Blur and True Match Foundation.

2.      EVA MENDES

Eva Mendes has bouncy voluminous hair that every woman swoons over. She uses Pantene Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner to keep her waves shiny and glossy. (more…)

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What do we mean by eco-friendly leather?

Leather bags have been in creation since the beginning of man, evolving over time in both the way it is manufactured, as well as designed. One thing remains true over time, it’s always in style.

Fake leather, growing in popularity because people want to do the right thing, is often the wrong thing. Synthetic bags are usually made of vinyl substances, which are non-biodegradable. This impacts the livestock in a negative way, causes air and water pollution, and in general, adds nothing positive to the environment.

The leather goods we sell in our store Forrest & Harold give life to a hyde. A hyde from an animal whose life was not taken simply for the making of our products, but who lived a natural and full life. Leather is natural and biodegradable, making fashion eco-friendly.  (more…)

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How to pick the right Travel Clothes for Women?

We all dream of the perfect suitcase that could very small, lightweight and fit all of our clothes, but let’s face it – there is no such thing. We have three possibilities:

  • Get a medium size suitcase. This way if you are a shopping enthusiast you can easily fill up the other half on your way back home.
  • Go for a small suitcase. You can try to pick only the essential items you need, repairing your outfit beforehand so you know that everything matches.
  • Pack 1-2 suitcases and have someone to help you carry them. But still, you will have to pack and unpack all of them, so that’s not a real solution.


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Frances Angela Jewelry and Artisan Crafts

Frances Angela Jewelry and Artisan Craft is a promising new online shop that specializes on beautiful handcrafted jewelries.  Based in Chicago, IL, it started May 2015.  Frances Angela is the real name of the owner, Frankie Torrelavega.  All products in her online shop are personally handmade by Frankie herself.

“My inspiration for my works are the things that personally inspire me:  beauty of nature, vibrant cultures around the world, heartwarming thoughts and strong confident women!”


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An Interview Extract from 50 Hairstylists – Rick Morton

2 weeks back, I was invited to a friend’s engagement party, she is a close buddy, I wanted myself equipped with a charming hairstyle, and nothing was striking at that moment. I started google in my mobile and got this awesome site www.50hairstylists.com during my search result; though my idea of getting a good hairstyle got paused for a moment as I got taken with a book named “50 Hairstylists” with a very reasonable price list of $40 USD. So, I ordered one copy of it for me.

This book is compilation of interviews with 50 of the country’s top hairstylists, including salon stylists, colorists, session and celebrity stylists and some international stylists, too. They talk about what made them successful in the beauty business. The book is directed at young people in beauty school or recently graduated from beauty school who want to know how to build their new career but is great for any stylist who wants more out of their career.

I loved the idea of the book so much, somehow managed to contact with the owner of website, and asked what made him to go for this book, here is an excerpt of the interview, have a read –

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Women never say ‘No’ to these Gifts – Let’s have a look!

“One of the best gift, you can give to a woman is to show her that she matters a lot to you.”

Be it her birthday or wedding anniversary or your first date, celebrating these delightful moments with special gifts create a magnificent aura around you. Whether you’re getting her a special memento or thinking of treasuring unforgettable memoirs, I’ve rounded up some sweet and simple gift ideas for your sweetheart and I bet she is going to love it!

Find the Right Jewelry for Her

Women love jewelry, and being a woman I also think jewelry is way of keeping memories alive. Be it a diamond or platinum, we all know very well that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” So, if it is your wedding anniversary; to give her a piece of elegant and unique jewelry would be a good idea. But wait a while, the first question here comes is, what does she likes – gold, diamond, platinum, pendants, rings, necklace or bracelet? (more…)

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Benefits of Wearing a Corset – Some Do’s and Don’ts

The corset has been an important piece of clothing for several centuries, and now evolved as a fashion trend. The term corset meant “a kind of laced bodice in French during 18th century. Corset became popular in 16th century in Europe, reaching the peak of its popularity in the Victorian era and it came into the picture of use during the 19th century; before that, it was a garment referred to as a pair of bodies, a stiff bodice, or a pair of stays.

Now a day, corsets are one of the utmost essential fashion accessories for women as they assist a woman to get a correct body posture. Corsets also help to stabilize the body, prevent injury, and heal past injuries, change body morphology and a lot more. There are varieties of corset available in the market; some are authentic corsets and they come handy especially to wear during parties or events where you need to look and feel light and good beside it some are heavy duty organic waist training corsets which can help you to significantly reduce your waist size as they are made of steel bones, flat front and back steel busks and layers of fabric. (more…)

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