Look slim with MeMoi’s state-of–the-art SlimMe shape wear!

How is it that a mere inch or two around the midriff and hips can mean the difference between fitting into that slinky dress comfortably or having to “suck it in” all night, regretting those late night visits to the fridge?    Life is too short for regrets!  Especially when it is possible to fit into that dress and immediately look 10 pounds slimmer—no self-deprivation required!  (more…)

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Top Ten Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Winter brings us the opportunity to stay lazy, cozying up with warm sheaths and hot coffee. Just because it’s winter, it does not mean that one stay be boring in their styling and outfits. One can easily make a dull winter as an exciting with an abloom colourful with vibrant woolens and stylish layers. Below are top five wardrobe essentials for winter, to stay warm and stylish during freezy days.

  1. Get inside a Beanie
    Yes, beanie is the best friend when cold freezing winds blowing during winter season. Recently we have seen beanies in lot many vibrant shades like pink, orange and all. Pick the best shade for yourself and shine in the winter beanie.


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A Carrie Necklace Is the Ideal Accessory for All Occasions

Made famous by the iconic character from the popular television series “Sex and the City,” the Carrie necklace is named after the show’s trendsetting lead character, Carrie Bradshaw, who is portrayed on screen by actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

Variants of the Necklace 

This beautiful necklace is available in silver and gold, and can even be customized with your birthstone for an even more unique touch. This necklace design has been a hot favorite among diehard viewers of the hit television series since it first appeared, and then during multiple episodes, sparkling and holding its position as a statement piece. Worn on a variety of occasions by its namesake, the necklace is an ideal accessory for when you go out on the town or get ready for a special date. It can be accessorized easily since its base materials of gold or silver complement every color without clashing. (more…)

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