Best Bags that Women can Share with their Men

Best Bags

The lifestyle of people is getting better with the development of economy. Bags are broadly used by the people so they are becoming essential for everyone. Previously bags were used for carrying things but now they are mostly used as a symbol of fashion. You are student, business man, business woman, doing job or a mother everyone needs a bag to keep their important things and most of all bags show the status of professional man and women.
Men and women share things. Both have their own considerations. An individual should consider the price, quality and guarantee while buying a bag.

Following are some examples of bags which can be shared with the men too:

1. Cambridge Satchel Company Leather Backpack

This bag is made by British brand. It is a very classic bag. Its design is modest which is good for both men and women. It is a beautiful bag having front pockets with two buckles, one for wearing the bag on the shoulder and other for wearing it in backpack style. Women prefer to wear bag on the shoulder while men usually wear it in the bag pack form.

Price: $193.09

2. Proenza Schouler Psi Medium Leather Satchel

This is a bag designed by a designer Proenza Schouler. It is cool black color bag. The bag two buckles at the front which makes it safe to keep the things inside. Its size is also quiet big so one can keep lot of things in it. it also has two buckles either to hang it on the shoulder or to hold it in hand.

Price: $1595.00

3. Ted Baker Smart Bowling Bag

It is a cool bag. Its beautiful brown color makes it stylish. The design of the bag is simple which makes it perfect for men and women. This bag will surely please everyone.

Price: $ 103.44

4. MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela Harness Purse

It is a purse kind of thing made of black leather. Its shape is different from other bags and its design is cool. Its straps are adjustable so that men and women both can share. This bag stays close to your body so that you can keep money and secret things in it.

Price: $315.00

5. Steve Mono Nat Capital Day Bag

This is a very classic design bag. Its brown color, contrasting straps, perfect size is the best features of it. It has durable holding strap that makes easier to carry the bag when you go out. Whoever sees it will surely love it.

Price: $455.00

6. Topman Black Leather Briefcase

It is a beautiful bag of black color. The design of bag is perfect for the business people. Businessmen, business women and those who work in the corporations can take advantage of this bag. It contains many pockets and sections in it those would be appropriate to safely keep documents, files etc. You can carry it by the handle or even wear it casually on the shoulder.

Price: $120.00

7. Topman Canvas Nouvelle Shopper Bag

It is a casual canvas shopper. The bag has the New York Nouvelle print on the front of the bag. The bag can be used for carrying books, laptops, clothe, grocery and other materials. This bag is not expensive and can surely make you and your man happy.

Price: $12.00

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