The Beauty Staples Celebs Can’t do Without

The coveted flawless and glamorous celebrity looks are not without help. Hollywood’s most alluring stars swear by a few beauty staples, so much that they would not leave their homes without them.


The timeless beauty J. Lo is as famous for her flawless skin as she is for her fiery on-stage performance. Lopez looks stunning even without make-up. The secret to her fresh and dewy look is the L’oréal’s Age Perfect Renewal Day Lotion along with RevitaLift Moisture Blur and True Match Foundation.

2.      EVA MENDES

Eva Mendes has bouncy voluminous hair that every woman swoons over. She uses Pantene Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner to keep her waves shiny and glossy. (more…)

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What do we mean by eco-friendly leather?

Leather bags have been in creation since the beginning of man, evolving over time in both the way it is manufactured, as well as designed. One thing remains true over time, it’s always in style.

Fake leather, growing in popularity because people want to do the right thing, is often the wrong thing. Synthetic bags are usually made of vinyl substances, which are non-biodegradable. This impacts the livestock in a negative way, causes air and water pollution, and in general, adds nothing positive to the environment.

The leather goods we sell in our store Forrest & Harold give life to a hyde. A hyde from an animal whose life was not taken simply for the making of our products, but who lived a natural and full life. Leather is natural and biodegradable, making fashion eco-friendly.  (more…)

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Women never say ‘No’ to these Gifts – Let’s have a look!

“One of the best gift, you can give to a woman is to show her that she matters a lot to you.”

Be it her birthday or wedding anniversary or your first date, celebrating these delightful moments with special gifts create a magnificent aura around you. Whether you’re getting her a special memento or thinking of treasuring unforgettable memoirs, I’ve rounded up some sweet and simple gift ideas for your sweetheart and I bet she is going to love it!

Find the Right Jewelry for Her

Women love jewelry, and being a woman I also think jewelry is way of keeping memories alive. Be it a diamond or platinum, we all know very well that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” So, if it is your wedding anniversary; to give her a piece of elegant and unique jewelry would be a good idea. But wait a while, the first question here comes is, what does she likes – gold, diamond, platinum, pendants, rings, necklace or bracelet? (more…)

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Tips For Buying A Perfect Scarf

Fashion Scarf

Winter brings various fashion trends and styles with it and stylish fashionable scarf is one of the most desirable items for your wardrobe. Wearing a scarf with your dress can make you look more stylish and beautiful but the selection of scarf should be done very carefully. By the arrival of winter the scarves becomes a necessity even more than just a source of fashion but this necessity can give you style if carried in a right way.

Photo by peterbelisi
Photo by peterbelisi

Fashion scarves are just great for keeping you warm and adding up style in your looks by giving you the best finishing touch. A wonderful finishing touch can involve any kind of style whether it may be super long, super large or short elegant. Buying a right scarf for you sometimes become a problem when you come across a huge number of scarves and fails to understand which one will suit you the best. Here I’ll try to give you some tips which will be helpful for buying a scarf for you among a huge number of scarves.


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