An Interview Extract from 50 Hairstylists – Rick Morton

2 weeks back, I was invited to a friend’s engagement party, she is a close buddy, I wanted myself equipped with a charming hairstyle, and nothing was striking at that moment. I started google in my mobile and got this awesome site during my search result; though my idea of getting a good hairstyle got paused for a moment as I got taken with a book named “50 Hairstylists” with a very reasonable price list of $40 USD. So, I ordered one copy of it for me.

This book is compilation of interviews with 50 of the country’s top hairstylists, including salon stylists, colorists, session and celebrity stylists and some international stylists, too. They talk about what made them successful in the beauty business. The book is directed at young people in beauty school or recently graduated from beauty school who want to know how to build their new career but is great for any stylist who wants more out of their career.

I loved the idea of the book so much, somehow managed to contact with the owner of website, and asked what made him to go for this book, here is an excerpt of the interview, have a read –

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