Fashion Jewelry – Some Wonderful Gift Ideas

When you are buying something special for the girl of your life (it could be your mother, fiancé, wife, sister, girlfriend or daughter) you do not look up the calendar for a special occasion. It can be any day and your gift can make it special. However when you are buying something for that special occasion then its need to be a little more thoughtful. Always remember jewelry is a special option the appeals to her sense of style. However when you are buying something for her make sure you are aware of her passion & her sense of style.


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What’s Trending in Fashion Necklaces?

Enter any fashion jewelry marketplace or outlet and you will be bedazzled by the wide variety of options available for you to accessorize yourself. One of the very important of these fashion accessories is a fashion necklace. The trend of complementing your attire with a fashion necklace has been in vogue for a long time now and does not seem to be leaving the fashion ramp anytime soon. Then what are you waiting for? Gear up to know what’s trending in the world of fashion necklaces and be the centre of admiration in any gathering, party, event or just a day out! (more…)

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A Carrie Necklace Is the Ideal Accessory for All Occasions

Made famous by the iconic character from the popular television series “Sex and the City,” the Carrie necklace is named after the show’s trendsetting lead character, Carrie Bradshaw, who is portrayed on screen by actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

Variants of the Necklace 

This beautiful necklace is available in silver and gold, and can even be customized with your birthstone for an even more unique touch. This necklace design has been a hot favorite among diehard viewers of the hit television series since it first appeared, and then during multiple episodes, sparkling and holding its position as a statement piece. Worn on a variety of occasions by its namesake, the necklace is an ideal accessory for when you go out on the town or get ready for a special date. It can be accessorized easily since its base materials of gold or silver complement every color without clashing. (more…)

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Frances Angela Jewelry and Artisan Crafts

Frances Angela Jewelry and Artisan Craft is a promising new online shop that specializes on beautiful handcrafted jewelries.  Based in Chicago, IL, it started May 2015.  Frances Angela is the real name of the owner, Frankie Torrelavega.  All products in her online shop are personally handmade by Frankie herself.

“My inspiration for my works are the things that personally inspire me:  beauty of nature, vibrant cultures around the world, heartwarming thoughts and strong confident women!”


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