Experience the feeling of being a princess on your wedding day

According to the stories and myths that follow, the wedding dress actually symbolizes the princess’s untouchable purity and is meant to provide a royal perfection to the wedding that is taking place. The dream of a woman to feel herself like a princess is actually her wish to emanate like a goddess of some other world and to possess a “perfect look”.

Keeping all these wishes in mind Juanita Allmon set up a website “Wedding Dress Dreams- selecting event attire you dream of” to help all the pretty women of the world to select their wedding dress from a wide collection of beautiful and exotic wedding dresses. Quite a number of things take place between the “about to be weds” and a number of interesting ceremonies take place when a wedding takes place. (more…)

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Top 10 Wedding Cake Styles of 2011

Delicious, Yummy, and well decorated cakes are loved by everyone. And when it comes to the Wedding cake, every bride and groom want their wedding to be special with the unique wedding style cake. Some like simple and traditional cakes while, some prefer good flavor with the diverse style. People, who are getting married in 2011, can look into our list of Top 10 Wedding Cake Styles of 2011.


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