Fashion Jewelry – Some Wonderful Gift Ideas

When you are buying something special for the girl of your life (it could be your mother, fiancé, wife, sister, girlfriend or daughter) you do not look up the calendar for a special occasion. It can be any day and your gift can make it special. However when you are buying something for that special occasion then its need to be a little more thoughtful. Always remember jewelry is a special option the appeals to her sense of style. However when you are buying something for her make sure you are aware of her passion & her sense of style.

In the modern market you can get various fashion jewelries along with a lot of trendy options. Nevertheless fashion jewelries are the latest passion for women. Following are some ideas to shop for your woman.

Ear Rings:

This could be a nice option when your girl has the passion for fashion jewelry. Gold plated leaf earring is quite popular among modern women. The unique look of this leaf ear ring can easily enhance the beauty of your girl. This pocket friendly option is something which you can consider.

When you girl likes to wear something a bit more elegant then you can contemplate the charm style earrings also.

Just like diamonds, pearls are also a very good friend of women. They always get that special place which enhances your elegance. Cultured pearl drop earring with sterling silver is another choice that you should consider.

On a spiritual note jade stone is popular as a stone of dreams & it symbolizes trust and loyalty among couples. Teardrop type earrings made of jade stone can be a good option for your girl.


Curved collar style is quite popular among most of the modern necklace styles. Its neat look with some extra adjustable rings can make it look more elegant. Depending on your girl specially her ability to carry it, she can wear it with western as well as ethnic wear too.

Multilayer necklace is quite popular among celebrities. If your girl really loves to follow the trend of current fashion jewelry, then she will just go crazy on getting such gifts.

When the love of your life likes to wear something simple & elegant then galaxy moon design made with silver could be an option.

Anklet (Low carat content):

Anklet is a trendy option as a fashion jewelry. If your girl loves the color pink then you should consider rose gold also. If your gift carries some symbol of love, like roses or a heart sign or the word love then you can express your feeling quite well with this gift. Spring is here & anklet is quite a spring friendly fashion accessory. It does not matter whether it is of a lower carat content.


Leather bracelets are quite popular as a fashion accessory. Whether she is a tom boy type or a shy homely girl, leather bracelet will always get the desired appreciation from your girl.

Multilayer bracelets or charm could be something you should consider as well. If you want your gift to look a bit attractive then bohemian gold plated bracelets are a good option.

Sometimes women love to wear chunky over the top jewelry. If your girl loves to wear something like that then cuff like bold gold plated (10K or 18K) bracelets can be the perfect gift for her. To make it more Cleopatra like glittery you can choose something with bright stones like, emerald or turquoise stones.

Finger Rings:

Multilayer stack is very popular among modern women. Sometime these rings come with so many layers it could cover your whole finger. Gold laced with little bit of glitter will be the perfect choice to enhance the beauty of her fingers.

Among teenagers chunky multicolor crystal rings are also quite popular. You can find it with gold plated metal or with sterling silver too. Sometimes these type of accessories look perfect with party wear.

Pink gold engagement ring made with diamonds & morganite.

When you are planning to buy an engagement ring then make it a little trendy with some fashion jewelry looks. Choose a rose gold ring which can easily complement some small cut diamonds & morganite. Most of the women love to have an engagement ring which have some glittery features. According to people who believe in gem stones, morganite has some special powers that enhances the love for one another. It also has the ability to make people feel peaceful and full of wisdom. Just bring a bottle a pink champagne along with the ring and sweep her off her feet.

Fashion jewelries are an expression of your love for the special one. So choose the right piece of jewelry and show your love for her. Here are some tips that will come in handy for choosing the proper piece of jewelry.

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