Chinese Wealthy People Love The Lsla & Caraibica Style

Why Chinese Wealthy People Love The Isla & Caraibica Style?

Isla & Caraibica is a luxury brand that offers tailor-made clothing, cosmetics and jewelry. Created in 2015 by the French Pascal Songo Gatibelza, autodidact, who dreamed to create his own brand.

The brand design combines the Caribbean origins of the founder with a French environment.

Isla & Caraibica

I&C wanted to expand internationally its products and particularly in China where a large target can be reached. After their participation in the China Luxury 2015, I&C has decided to first set up a first boutique in Tianjin, and in a near future, open shops in Beijing and Shanghai. Their first goal is to be VISIBLE, developing their brand awareness among the Chinese community.

Luxury brands are on the rise in the Chinese market!

Luxury brands are on the rise in the Chinese market

In China, the luxury market is booming: there has been an increase in the purchasing power of the middle class that wants to consume more luxury products. You should know that today, 46% of luxury goods sold in the world are bought by Chinese people.

Although the Chinese are buying more and more overseas high ranges of products, enter the Chinese market is still a good idea. Providing physical location such as boutiques is also a great sign of success for a luxury brand and is almost mandatory if you wish to market your products in China.

The success of I & C in China:

Isla & Caraibica

Since the launch of the brand in China, Isla & Caraibica had a huge success among Chinese consumers. The French luxury brand offers products that are both innovative and beautiful. Also with an inspirational design of the Caribbean that brings freshness and originality to brand products.

The French Touch!

The Made in France is a reference in the luxury world. France is known worldwilde for its products of high quality.

The Chinese consumers are crazy about French products, considered as of great quality and reliable. In the luxury sector and tailor-made luxury clothes industry as Isla & Caraibica, it is important to also base its communication on the “Made in France”!

Develop its brand awareness on social networks:

Brand Awareness on Social Networks

China has over 600 million Internet users with direct access to the Internet. Chinese spend on average 25 hours a week online especially on social networks. The internet plays a very important place in the consuming habits in China. In fact, the e-commerce sector is largely increasing, there are more and more internet competition, which benefits to the consumers. Before making any kind of purchase, the Chinese will always go on the internet to gather as much information as possible.

It was therefore crucial for Isla & Caraibica to be visible on different social networks in China. A communication strategy has been previously established in order to reach as many people as possible.

What do we get from this French Luxury Brand?

In China, almost every consumers of the new middle class can afford largest known luxury brands. When a Chinese person buy a luxury product, they can get really picky on what they get and expect a lot from the quality and/or services of the product. What research Chinese consumers today is something different from other brands. Isla & caraibica offers luxury products combined with innovative products, its success is also based on the French Touch side of the brand, which is very important for the Chinese.

French Luxury Brand

Branding in China is the key:

Even if Isla & Caraibica offers high quality products, unfortunately this factor is not the most important to penetrate this highly competitive market. Although Isla & Caraibica is a brand with a great future, it is not really known in China which makes business difficult. Remember that one of the most important factors for Chinese consumers before buying a product is the brand awareness. “What is Branding in China? It is everything. If a brand is not known in China, consumers are suspicious and would prefer to buy a brand more famous.” Explained the founder of this Fashion Marketing Agency in Shanghai

Can we blame them?

Chinese Want Originality

The answer is no, with regular scandals on products from Chinese and even foreign companies, people in China are looking for information and expect a brand to be at first trustworthy.

It was important to focus a digital marketing strategy on the development of Isla & Caraibica notoriety. We have developed many platforms where our efforts were primarily focused on publishing content emphasizing the quality and originality of the French luxury brand.

Over 100,000 people in China have seen their publications on various platforms where we promoted our messages.

China’s wealthy people have the choice of the brands to satisfy their shopping spree in China. The big luxury companies are all present in the Chinese market, and brands like Gucci or LV are probably already stored in closets of the Chinese consumers.

Chinese want originality!

The Chinese are now more inclined to buy a luxury product if the brand tells a story, and especially when a product is provoking emotions to the buyers who identify themselves to the brand.

In all cases, Isla & Caraibica has a promising future in China and we wish them good luck!

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