Most Desirable Luxury Goods Brands

Luxury Brands

If you want to adapt a luxurious lifestyle then, you must know what the most desirable luxury goods brands are! Luxury goods brands define your style statement. “Style” is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma; Fashion is something that comes after style. If you want to become style and fashion icon of year 2011 among your siblings then you should go for these luxury goods brands.

1. Gucci

Gucci is an Italian fashion and leather goods label. It has a broad product line, provides luxury and stylish products to women, men and children. Gucci Shoes, Gucci apparels, Gucci Accessories, Gucci bags, are the products you can find at Gucci. The most admirable thing about this brand is its unique style. Gucci keeps on updating its products four times in a year for every coming season. If you want all fashionable goods under one roof then you must check out your nearest Gucci outlet.

2. Chanel

Chanel is world’s renowned luxury goods brand that manufactures perfume, clothes, cosmetics, handbags and many other things.
Chanel Spring 2011 pre collection Handbags are vey stylish and stunning. Even if you are not a Chanel’s fan, you will be carried away. If you are interested to impress people around you then log on to and shop for fantastic and unique luxury goods.

3. Burberry

Burberry is a British luxury fashion house that manufactures clothes, fragrances and fashion accessories; it is a luxury brand with a distinctive British sensibility, strong international recognition and differentiating brand values. Burberry operates under 5 brands, Burberry London: The primary brand used for the vast majority of products, Burberry Brit, Burberry Prosrum, Burberry sport and Thomas Burberry.

Burberry is top choice of British elites, because it offers stylish and fashionable products. Burberry winter collection was a great hit especially the women’s uppers and long coats. If you are working women and want to carry all your stuff easily then you must have a look at Burberry Handbags, I am sure you will not be able to stop yourself from buying. For more information log on to www.burberry. com.

4. Fendi

Fendi is an Italian high fashion house, best known for its handbags. Fendi offers a wide range of products for men, women, and kids. Fendi men’s collection includes shirts, suiting, wallets, sunglasses, laptop bags etc. Women’s collection provides stylish shoes, ready to wear, classic bags, perfumes, watches, wallets, and eyewear to women. Kid’s collection is divided into two categories Baby and juniors.

If you can afford the luxury goods, you must at least give a glance to product line of Fendi. is the official website of Fendi; here you can view all the brands and latest fashionable products.

5. Christian Dior

Christine Dior is a French brand of luxury goods. Like all the renowned brands, Christine Dior also provides a complete range of products for men, women and children. Dior’s product line includes apparel for men, women, perfume, purses, glasses, beauty care, perfumes etc. Christian Dior is a premium player in the fashion world and famous for its innovative and stylish eyewear.

6. Prada

Prada is an Italian fashion label specialized in luxury goods for men and women (read to wear, leather accessories, shoes, luggage and hats).
Due to its distinctive style in shoes, handbags as well as wallets and belts, Prada is appreciated for the quality and design of clothing, shoes and accessories. Prada offers more than 250 styles of shoes, 50 styles of handbags, 40 types of wallets, gloves, caps and plenty of gift ideas. Prada is a true example of how designs can be highly innovative.

7. Versace

Versace is an Italian fashion label and a World renowned luxury good brand. Several lines make up Versace i.e. Versace couture, Versace Jeans Couture and Versace Home Collection. In addition to clothing and accessories it also operates a hotel. Versace couture, which contains high end, often hand made apparel, jewelry, watches, fragrances, cosmetic, handbags, shoes and home furnishing, is the house’s main line. This is the only line presented on highway during Milan Fashion Week. Versace eyeglasses are part of the Versace collection. Versace has currently 81 boutiques in the World. If you are desperate to improve your style and fashion then visit the website

8. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is an Italian luxury fashion house, commonly known as D&G. D&G specializes in luxury items influenced more by designers and is more formal and “timeless”, responding to long term trends rather than seasonal changes. Sunglasses, corrective eyewear, purses and watches are also part of D&G. D&G was voted as U.K’s best luxury brand in 2006.
D&G is one of the leading international groups in the clothing and luxury goods sector. The D&G group brands are distributed in more than 80 countries worldwide. is its official website.

9. Lexus (Luxury car brand)

Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation. Lexus is sold globally and officially, Lexus vehicles are marketed in over 70 countries.

2011 Lexus CT 200h is the first hatchback from Lexus, and the company 2nd standalone hybrid. Exterior and interior styling should appeal to younger buyers, or at least that’s what Lexus is hoping will happen. The CT 200h hybrid can operate solely on electric power for up to a mile, its engine’s specification is 1.8L 134hp. Price of 2011 Lexus CT 200h is US $ 30,900.

10. Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co is an American jewelry and silverware company, the Tiffany & Co aims to protect the beauty of nature and the creativity of human nature.
Tiffany & Co provides a complete range of jewelry for engagement, weeding and occasional ceremonies. Diamonds, watches, men’s collection, accessories, gifts are part of Tiffany & Co product line. Although Tiffany & Co specializes in fine jewelry, the company also puts its name on timepieces, silverware, china, stationary and other luxury items. Visit and view complete range of products.

Although the overall World’s economy is under recession but luxury brands are back in style in 2011. Many luxury goods brands are creating and offering more innovative line of products to attract customers and enhance their target market.

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