The New Way To Shop On The Go

The fashion industry has seen many changes over the past few years especially in how people are finding new designers and shopping. Online, ecommerce and mobile app stores are becoming more commonplace and this is affecting not just how consumers are buying but the designers they are buying from. While apps from Zalora have branched out and made it easier for new markets to discover some unique fashion brands a game changer that recently entered the market is really taking over the fashion world. Whoolala is this new app that has not only changed the shopping experience but has changed the type of products that are accessible.


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My Top 5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just few days away and now it’s the exact time when many men begin their epic search for the most suitable presents for the most important women in their lives. Tired of running around shops with no idea what your mother will actually like? There are definitely some clichés when it comes to Mother’s Day presents and they seem to always hit the spot, when there is lack of creative ideas. Here are my ultimate top 5 ideas for Mother’s Day gifts, hope they help:


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Jane Woolrich Design Luxury Satin Nightdress

For the modern woman who likes custom made-to-fit sleepwear that is luxuriously silky and beautifully crafted, we bring you the Jane Woolrich Design Luxury Satin Nightdress. Jane Woolrich is renowned within the trade as a creator of styling that represents the epitome of romance. Whether you order this nightdress in silk or polyester satin, the fit and feel are exceptionally well done. You should always try to buy a piece of nightwear that you feel comfortable in not only wearing, but in purchasing. Jane Woolrich designs transcends any age and size.


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Stay Fashionable with Online Coupon Shopping

Staying in fashion can be expensive especially when most of the brands cost more and shopping branded clothing can impact your budget ruining your family plans. While coupon shopping is not the first thing on our mind when we go shopping for clothes that can make us feel fashionable it can help us in many different ways and ensure that we look stylish even during the tough economic times. Coupon shopping is easy and works well for those who are into fashion because it can help them get the best clothes at discounted rates that most stores do not offer.


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Dog Fashion Has Become a Big Favorite Among Pet Owners

It is no surprise that the number of products for dogs on the market has increased in recent time. After all, dog owners will do anything for their pets. Today the trends in the field of dog fashion have expanded to include an extended assortment of fine products that all pet owners will love to get for their loveable friends when they take them out for any special occasion.


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The Beauty Staples Celebs Can’t do Without

The coveted flawless and glamorous celebrity looks are not without help. Hollywood’s most alluring stars swear by a few beauty staples, so much that they would not leave their homes without them.


The timeless beauty J. Lo is as famous for her flawless skin as she is for her fiery on-stage performance. Lopez looks stunning even without make-up. The secret to her fresh and dewy look is the L’oréal’s Age Perfect Renewal Day Lotion along with RevitaLift Moisture Blur and True Match Foundation.

2.      EVA MENDES

Eva Mendes has bouncy voluminous hair that every woman swoons over. She uses Pantene Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner to keep her waves shiny and glossy. (more…)

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A Carrie Necklace Is the Ideal Accessory for All Occasions

Made famous by the iconic character from the popular television series “Sex and the City,” the Carrie necklace is named after the show’s trendsetting lead character, Carrie Bradshaw, who is portrayed on screen by actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

Variants of the Necklace 

This beautiful necklace is available in silver and gold, and can even be customized with your birthstone for an even more unique touch. This necklace design has been a hot favorite among diehard viewers of the hit television series since it first appeared, and then during multiple episodes, sparkling and holding its position as a statement piece. Worn on a variety of occasions by its namesake, the necklace is an ideal accessory for when you go out on the town or get ready for a special date. It can be accessorized easily since its base materials of gold or silver complement every color without clashing. (more…)

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Leather Bags for Women

What do we mean by eco-friendly leather?

Leather bags have been in creation since the beginning of man, evolving over time in both the way it is manufactured, as well as designed. One thing remains true over time, it’s always in style.

Fake leather, growing in popularity because people want to do the right thing, is often the wrong thing. Synthetic bags are usually made of vinyl substances, which are non-biodegradable. This impacts the livestock in a negative way, causes air and water pollution, and in general, adds nothing positive to the environment.

The leather goods we sell in our store Forrest & Harold give life to a hyde. A hyde from an animal whose life was not taken simply for the making of our products, but who lived a natural and full life. Leather is natural and biodegradable, making fashion eco-friendly.  (more…)

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6 Signs You Are Totally Addicted to Fashion

Most people go shopping and stay within their financial limits – they’ll also usually buy no more than two things at a time and manage to control themselves around the sale area. But if you find that you’re totally opposite to such fortunate folk, there’s a big chance you not only love fashion but you’re totally addicted to it.
It doesn’t matter if you’re curvy or skinny, you can spend hours following your favorite bloggers and watching new Fashion TV’s runway shows.

Style Downloads

Some people collect stamps but you collect fashion pictures. Your computer is completely packed with different fashion pics that you save in order to find similar outfits the following weekend. Whenever you can, you spend hours searching the web trying to look for new trends and interesting ideas. (more…)

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Experience the feeling of being a princess on your wedding day

According to the stories and myths that follow, the wedding dress actually symbolizes the princess’s untouchable purity and is meant to provide a royal perfection to the wedding that is taking place. The dream of a woman to feel herself like a princess is actually her wish to emanate like a goddess of some other world and to possess a “perfect look”.

Keeping all these wishes in mind Juanita Allmon set up a website “Wedding Dress Dreams- selecting event attire you dream of” to help all the pretty women of the world to select their wedding dress from a wide collection of beautiful and exotic wedding dresses. Quite a number of things take place between the “about to be weds” and a number of interesting ceremonies take place when a wedding takes place. (more…)

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