Stringent Shopping of Plus-sized Clothing

Stringent Shopping of Plus-sized ClothingWith the recession having set in there has been an observed shrinking in plus sized women shoppers. They have been observed to tighten their budget. People with plus sizes in their clothing are just not shopping as much! The apparel industry in general has been affected through the recession but their discretionary purchase seems to have increased with the economic conditions. The plus size clothing market has been hardest hit with these problems.

The marketing research company, NPD Group, has researched into it and given the report that women’s apparel sections have particularly suffered with the recessionary conditions. In the past 12 months the percentage of shopping for plus sized clothing market has gone down by 10% with the overall women’s clothes shopping being down by 5%. The dip has been estimated more for 14 plus sizes.

There is still a lot of stigma for being overweight though the majority of the population happens to be overweight. Chief retailers however are not being able to lure more of such customers and are careful in not sending out the wrong image. However plus size retailers like Banana Republic, Ann Taylor and Old Navy are largely concentrated on selling their clothes online and so they find it easy to push into plus size marketers in that ease. However many other companies have dropped out of the plus size marketing like H & M.

The stores indeed made an effort of going to start a new business with challenge into knocking into stores about plus sized sales. However the effects have not been as dynamic as expected. There is still a lot of discomfort with the connection of obesity and low income groups which seem to be the reason behind the lessening of plus sized clothing.


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