Tips for Using Eye Lash Curler

Eye Lash Curler

Eyes are one of the most important parts of one’s face and beautifying the eyes is very important for all the ladies as it gives a new look and style to your personality. Curling the eye lashes is an activity which most of ladies perform but sometimes due to unfamiliarity of using the curler the eyes experiences really drastic effects. Curling the eyes makes the eyes look wider and also gives a very fantastic affect to your eyes.

Photo by NW Sunshine
Photo by NW Sunshine

In this article I am going to give you some tips for curling your eyes with which you can beautify the eyes for a stylish outlook.

  1. Initially apple the eye shadow and liner and then leave it for some time and allow it to get dry before using artificial eye lashes or curler for the lashes.
  2. Open the mouth of curler and place the upper eye lash in it and the close your eye by placing whole lashes into the mouth of curler and then hold the curler for some time.
  3. Move the curler close to your eye till it reach the roots of the curler but make it sure that the tool doesn’t touch the skin of eye.
  4. Keep your eye open for some time and then close the mouth of curler, if while doing so you feel pain in the eyes then readjust the curler.
  5. Hold the curler for 5 to 10 seconds and keeping your face and hand steady and then remove the curler now apply the same procedure for the other eye.

These were some of the important tips for using the eye lash curler which can let you give the professional affects to your eyes and by applying the curler correctly the strength of you lashes can be maintained.

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