Top Ten Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Winter brings us the opportunity to stay lazy, cozying up with warm sheaths and hot coffee. Just because it’s winter, it does not mean that one stay be boring in their styling and outfits. One can easily make a dull winter as an exciting with an abloom colourful with vibrant woolens and stylish layers. Below are top five wardrobe essentials for winter, to stay warm and stylish during freezy days.

  1. Get inside a Beanie
    Yes, beanie is the best friend when cold freezing winds blowing during winter season. Recently we have seen beanies in lot many vibrant shades like pink, orange and all. Pick the best shade for yourself and shine in the winter beanie.

  1. Wrap around a Scarf

Make sure your winter wardrobe has cozy and warm scarf. You may use fleece, felt or woolen scarf for daily use.  Glam-up your style quotient by wearing a winter scarf in various ways.

  1. Winter Legging

Keep winter leggings with ankle fit in neutral shades like grey, black, oatmeal colours so that you can mix-match it with any layers and flaunt your winter style.

  1. Winter boots

Winter boots comes in various lengths, heels and colours. Make sure you pick the best winter boots which are enclosed at ankle or above and in neutral shades like black, beige or grey so that you can pair it with other add-ons easily.

  1. Long sheath Dress

An elegant, figure hugging warm sheath dress is a must for having fashionable winter. Make sure you pick sheath dress in fabric like velvet, corduroy, fleece, suede  to keep you cozy and sexy during winter evenings.

  1. Hoodie jacket

Hoodie jacket proves to be the best buddy for the person who is low maintenance on fashion side. It fulfills dual objective of keeping your body warm and covering your head too.

  1. Sweat –Shirt
    Sweat-shirt comes very handy when it comes to fashion during cold days. These days it comes in various colous like lilac, pink, teal, oatmeal and so on. Add a plush sweat-shirt to upgrade your fashion quotient for winter fashion.
  1. Turtle Neck Tee-shirt

Turtle Neck Tee-shirt are quite popular during winter days as it covers your neck with closed sleeves. It’s also called as polo neck tee shirts. Wear it with a complementing scarf and some beads to make it look more stylish.

  1. Full sleeves shirt

A full sleeves shirt is a must have for any frosty day to keep you warm and cozy. When day gets little warmer you may roll up the sleeves too. Having few full sleeve shirt in your wardrobe is the must have during winter season.

  1. Pea coat

Peacoat designed for women stands tall in testing times since it was discovered in fashion industry. It’s always a good idea to invest in luxe, good looking neutral shade peacoat. Double breasted buttons; with pockets, hand cuffs, wide belt and A-line flare is the popular woolens forth ewinter fashion 2015. This sailor inspired coat wins all it’s points when comes to keep body warm and stylish.


I hope the above mentioned fashion tips on winter wardrobe essentials will guide you to be warm an stylish throughout the winter 2015 as well as for your online shopping clothes.

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