What do we mean by eco-friendly leather?

Leather bags have been in creation since the beginning of man, evolving over time in both the way it is manufactured, as well as designed. One thing remains true over time, it’s always in style.

Fake leather, growing in popularity because people want to do the right thing, is often the wrong thing. Synthetic bags are usually made of vinyl substances, which are non-biodegradable. This impacts the livestock in a negative way, causes air and water pollution, and in general, adds nothing positive to the environment.

The leather goods we sell in our store Forrest & Harold give life to a hyde. A hyde from an animal whose life was not taken simply for the making of our products, but who lived a natural and full life. Leather is natural and biodegradable, making fashion eco-friendly. 

Compare this to using a plastic table instead of a wooden table to save trees. It’s very hard to recycle a product like plastic.

Leather Bags for Women
Leather Bags for Women

As an added, eco-friendly bonus, all bags are vegetable tanned rather than mineral tanned, as mineral tanning contains chromium that is found to be carcinogenic to us humans. It’s also not great for Mother Earth.

Vegetable tanning uses natural tannins obtained from tree barks. The most commonly used tannins are from oak trees, hemlock, mangrove, as well as a dozen others. The leather is stretched and tanned for several weeks. Sustainable developers do this to prevent putrefaction of leather in a harmless way.


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