What is Your Style Statement!

What is style? What is fashion? Is it a thought, a vision, or is it a product that is a result of both abstract concepts? Regardless of the precise definition one thing that is universally agreed upon is the fact that accessories are one of the most diverse and creativity-driven niches within the design world. From glasses to bags to hats, the multiple forms in which accessories come in creates an abundance of endless creative avenues.

Eugenia Kim is one of the industries rising stars within the accessories vertical. Made famous for her hats Kim started out of a small studio in New York in which she still operates. She has expanded beyond headwear to also offer bowties, headbands and headscarves. In 2014 she re-launched her exclusive shoe line as well. No matter the medium, she continues to push the envelope of both style and creativity.

IFCHIC embraces the different styles adopted by independent women in all walks of life, from young mothers to busy working women and everything in between. Naturally then the Eugenia Kim brand gels with the core demographic surrounding the IFCHIC brand. IFCHIC believes a woman should feel confident and properly dressed no matter the occasion. Eugenia Kim’s designs fully allow women to express themselves in this way.

hollieanklebootsblackeugeniakimFrom a serious black Honey Wide-Brim Fedora to the striking White and Blue Jordana Hat, Eugenia has hats that capture all different atmospheres, thus creating a truly versatile range of hats to suit all types of occasions. Combine this flare for the diverse with quality materials and expert craftsmanship and you have a hat to accompany you through whatever life throws at you.

Kim’s footwear designs are just as versatile as her headwear. From the menswear inspired Irene Flat with a lattice-work toe and supple leather to the luxuriously sophisticated Babs Mink Bow Flats, her footwear spans all types of women and all types of styles.


Finally, to top of the selection of versatile women’s footwear offered by Eugenia Kim on IFCHIC.com we have the Hollie Ankle Boots featuring beautiful studded accents down the lines of the shoe making it subtle yet classy, and easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion and the wardrobe.

Eugenia Kim is one designer to keep an eye on, not just for her endless creativity within the women’s headwear space but also for her constant envelope pushing styles and fearlessness of trying design in new mediums.

Who knows what’s next, after venturing into footwear and other headwear accessories who knows where Eugenia will go next and what she will release. All we know is the world is watching and eagerly awaiting her next release.

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