What’s Trending in Fashion Necklaces?

Enter any fashion jewelry marketplace or outlet and you will be bedazzled by the wide variety of options available for you to accessorize yourself. One of the very important of these fashion accessories is a fashion necklace. The trend of complementing your attire with a fashion necklace has been in vogue for a long time now and does not seem to be leaving the fashion ramp anytime soon. Then what are you waiting for? Gear up to know what’s trending in the world of fashion necklaces and be the centre of admiration in any gathering, party, event or just a day out!

  • Statement Necklaces

They are so much in trend now that you can find them any and everywhere! Be it bold metallic designs or bright stones, chunky strings of metal or glittering jewels, pearls threaded together or pastel shades of stones and shells, the experiments in designing statement necklaces seem to be still going on! Also, there are tons of wholesale statement necklaces businesses offering various supplies of statement necklaces to buyers all over the world and keep pushing new styles and designs to public every day, so you can always witness the brand new ones and want to follow the trend by buying a preferred one to wear.


Because of their bold designs and colours, the best way to wear them is to pair them up with otherwise simple or boring outfits. A button down shirt, a simple grey tee, that little black dress or a plain white summer dress, anything can be worn with contrasting statement necklaces. You can also try to match one of the base colours of your outfit with your necklace to complete the look. The key is to keep the rest of your outfit simple and avoid any other accessory or keep them minimal.

  • The Neckline Dilemma

A major confusion occurs if the neckline of your outfit does not go well with your fashion necklace. But the runways suggest some ways to solve this confusion.

  • For a boat neckline, wear a collar or bib styled fashion necklace which hangs down a little.
  • Pair up a strapless or tube top with a simple choker or a widespread neck hugging fashion necklace according to the occasion.
  • A button down shirt can be worn with either a bib or a statement necklace such that it looks to be a part of the shirt.
  • A v- neck can be paired up with either a simple and a little long statement necklace or a slim pendant.
  • Turtle necklines should be mostly worn with long chains to give a chic sophisticated look.
  • A square neckline with varied angular cuts can be complemented with angular necklaces to balance the complete look.
  • Use Not Only Your Eyes but Brains Too

The most important fashion tip of all is to not follow any trend blindly, EVER! Look around, observe but do not copy whatever you see like a photo copier. Pick out from what is trending and follow that suits your style, taste and age. Look at yourself in the mirror and visualise yourself as a subject of your own fashion critique. Analyse how you would have commented if the person in the mirror was not you but a stranger. You will get the desired feedback on your own whether to follow a trend completely or stick to what goes with your personality.



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